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Locked Out of Dreams – Strange Disturbing Visual

If you term someone pathetic when they say that they are not the hero in their own dream or life-story, what would you call someone who is locked out of his own dream? I think a word has to be invented. And it would be apt descriptor of yours truly because it happened to me. I dreamed I was dreaming but I could not enter my own dream. Very strange and disturbing, right? Anyhoo… it inspired this –

There is a poem lurking in somewhere but that is for wimps, er romantics. I intend to express myself using imagery being a self-confessed visual person. Hard too.

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Love Can Do Anything – Music Heals

Quite a nice subliminal advert for Besame Radio. Little Red Riding Hood carving “Wolf and Me” on a tree with heart sign while listening to music playing…

Advertising Agency: Ade, Bogota, Colombia; Creative Director: Nacho Martinez
Art Directors: Leonardo Silva, Cristian Borrero, Tomas Casallas
Copywriter: Eduardo Vargas; Illustrator: Miguel Ang; Published: October 2009

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    Cat Wedding in a Liberal Country

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      Ingrained Democracy and Petty Neighbours

      India definitely is the truest democracy as far as this nacheez is aware of (I shudder to mention ‘great’ because the only times ‘great’ and ‘India’ should be mentioned in the same sentence/breath is when talking about the ills of this godforsaken country). I say this because politics (of a democratic type) are ingrained everywhere. Case in point, the apartment society. It is laden with petty parties, elections, agendas, grudges and coalitions – even when there is very little money involved and hence, justifying using the roots-level word in the right sense.
      Am no Freud but maybe it is just the lust for power and human disposition for a fight that is responsible for this harakiri that keeps things going from bad to worse to mayhem to Indian’ness. However, there is humour to be found in every situation and circumstance. Rogering that, here is a tid-bit of a lunch conversation after the old-man came back from a association meeting –

      Man: That Mr-X is a moron. The gall to oppose my motion for increasing maintenance. Good thing he is old because otherwise he would have tasted my reason and persuasion (pointing to biceps)
      Woman: Talking of Mr-X, her wife is hosting a kitty later this week. I have to cook a dish. Any suggestions? We are also planning to go to a movie. I need your car and driver (coolly serving rice)

      Cross my heart. True story. One cannot make such things up!

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      24 March, 2009 at 22:50 3 comments

      Modern Urban House – News, Food, Gossip, Sports

      Ha ha. Gotchya. I am one master satirist/ironist. One would think that news, food, gossip and sports is what is going on in the modern urban house. We have so many options to get information, play games, enjoy cooking and free talk but we choose to do it alone in the least unimaginative way in our own rooms watching the idiot box. Can this be termed ‘domestic melancholy’? Or, the feeling of being alone while living under a collective roof with a family for support. Maybe it is just that age-old timeless house vs. home dichotomy argument expressed differently in a new way and in a 1000 words…

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      16 March, 2009 at 22:40 2 comments

      Mobiles, Aeroplanes and Interference

      As many of you (all 2 or so out of the 600-million online people) have noticed, I have become a bit irregular. I am travelling and because I tend to be under the illusion that I have a thing called privacy, that is all I am revealing for now.
      During the trotting, I was amused by the pilot/hostess persuading people to switch off the mobile phones on the flight. I understand basic electronics but just cannot help wonder as to what damage and to what extent of bad can cell phones do to the aircraft controls. Will terrorists some day use this to advantage to hijack an aeroplane? Is the following situation possible?

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      5 March, 2009 at 23:54 1 comment

      Locked-out on Moon – Forgot the Keys

      I was watching ‘Apollo 13’ the other day. Booring. When they finally land on the moon after all the drama, and step on the surface, I was wondering, “Are there keys to the capsule? Can the space-men get locked out? Can they lose the keys?”

      Using Seinlanguage, maybe that is what those failed missions are sometimes – the space-men locking themselves out and/or losing the keys. Maybe they are all out there having a stroll on the moon (or whatever is the simulation environment), driving around in their little car and when the pebble collecting is over, realize, “Oh I dont believe this… Dammit… forgot the keys inside”.
      They would call up mission control, “Houston, we have a problem. We uh… oh God, this is so embarrassing… we left the keys inside. They’re in this big blue ashtray by the cockpit. We’re really sorry but we were wondering if you could open the door for us. We are sure there should be some electronic control”. And mission control would reply back, “We thought as much. Look under the wings for one of those hide-a-keys we put there as standard protocol. Dont lose them. It is an order”.

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