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Hot Weather, Yellow Umbrella, Bird Poop – Ayyo

People have been saying that it has been pretty hot recently and some astrologers are even blaming it on iron-leg politicians and their muhurtham/timing of their swearing-in ceremonies. You know when there is no news when reams of newsprint is dedicated to the weather but digression apart, for those interested, it has been a great summer for me personally (stay tuned for new creative properties), the occassional stuck umbrellas and bird droppings whilst under trees notwithstanding –
As for why the umbrella is yellow, it is a homage/ode/wink/nod/reference to the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" which finally ended and is good riddance but when you think about it, it was all about a friggin yellow umbrella and the show made millions and careers inspite of the fact it had horrible characters, campy dialogue, cheesy situations (even for a sitcom) and what not. However, the final episode has a good word-play on the T.M initials engraved on the yellow umbrella standing for ‘Ted Mosby’, ‘Tracy McConnell’ AKA ‘The Mother’. Oh well… one finds traces of gold even in bird poop if one looks hard enough I suppose. Way to follow a thought, eh?

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Swinging Bachelor – Word Play

Bachelorhood is given a bad rap by society and I wonder why when the benefits to the individual and society far outweigh the costs. If this were a debate, first argument is more bachelors means there will be no progeny and less population and by association, less pollution considering that the carbon footprint of humans is huge. A second argument is that research shows that bachelors on average live about 5 years lesser than married guys thereby clearing the stage for more jobs for younger people and less burden on society. Am sure there are other well made arguments made by people who gave far more thought to the matter than myself. So, jumping the gun, rather than being spoken with relief and respect, why then is the term ‘swinging bachelor’ always used condescendingly and with contempt? What does it even mean and what is the origin of the term? Has it come into being to depict how bachelors swing from one woman to another? While am a staunch celibate[1], just could not cease and desist on not doing the following…

I for one think there are conspiracies galore afoot. It could be a feminist conspiracy to condition men into settling down and make women the bosses of every happy-go-lucky sod. It could be a capitalist conspiracy for bachelordom is like socialism because wealth is distributed rather than hoarded. I wish I could expand but some humanities graduate must be doing a thesis on this very topic and it is best we go in search of it rather than go hyperbole and make anecdotal stand-up statements.

[1] Married types ask, ‘How SJ can you make do without sex’? Answer: The same as you! Only difference is I cope better knowing that it is purely my choice

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Rain and Umbrella – Vaana Vallappa, Law Challappa

It’s been raining and keeping up with monsoons, here is a nice one by Anwar with some ‘Murphy Law’ about showers and umbrellas embedded somewhere…

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    Summer for Climate Change Scientists vs. Deniers

    Am not out of topics to be talking about the weather but just that it has been a good summer for climate scientists who seem to have got the spring in their footstep and an unwipeable smirk on their faces rubbing it in to all the global warming deniers given the spike in scorching temperatures, forest fires, water droughts, heat waves, dehydration deaths et al. all over the world, and particularly across the USA where the Republicans are being dragged closer to the altar higher the mercury rising…

    I for one do not care much about the weather having been exposed to temperatures from 50-degree to -23-degree centigrade with nothing more than a VIP banian and sandals across the spectrum. I enjoy outdoors as long as am properly insulated.

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      Pakistan Mulls over $5M Flood Relief Aid from India

      I have commented elsewhere that India giving aid to other countries is like a leper giving his alms to a beggar who is down on her luck. It is funny and sad at the same time. However, given that the floods in Pakistan is a bonafide natural disaster (from web of course), the $5M relief package that India wants to give to Pakistan is applaudable. This is a tiny pittance compared to the money spent on newspaper ads on the eve of loser dead prime-minister Rajiv Gandhi birthday (or some other major event as per Congress diktat) and generous compared to the package being given to Leh but it is applaudable nonetheless. Now a country that is battered down and a wretched beggar should not be a chooser but that is exactly what Pakistan is doing by declining the aid package on grounds of vanity without consideration that it can be of some small help (negligible really after due corruption and bureaucracy) in saving human lives. Just goes to show how invaluable and insignificant life is in 3rd world countries. Wait, is it the other way around? You are a 3rd world country if you do not diplomatically accept money from another poverty infested country for the sake of some idiotic stupid nationalistic jingoist hate-mongering pride at the cost of lives of your own citizens. That sounds about right and a cartoon is in order –

      Yep! India which is itself on a sinking ship is trying to save an adamant Pakistan which is not budging even when its master, the USA has spoken and Obama is urging. Funny thing here is that the really sad thing about all this is inspite of all the silliness, Pakistan as a failed country still performs better than India and others in many UN human development metrics. Here is evidence. Twisted and scary, innit?

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      USA Pig-Eat Binge Gorge Earth – Simpsons T-Shirt

      Rather than state the well-known statistic that USA has 5% of the worlds population but yet consumes 25% of the planets resources, the self-claimed self-righteous, irreverent writers of Simpsons simply depict the tragedy with a picture showing Uncle Sam greedy as a pig devouring the Earth (big chunk already chewed off) –

      This is a screen-grab from an episode where Homer Simpson wears this t-shirt in Brazil. It is a very graphic image of evil gluttony with a challenging “Try and Stop US” bumper sticker caption. Sometimes, even Simpsons crew draw realistic depictions.

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        COP15 Summary – Simple Choice, World Ponders

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