Hot Weather, Yellow Umbrella, Bird Poop – Ayyo

3 July, 2014 at 14:20 Leave a comment

People have been saying that it has been pretty hot recently and some astrologers are even blaming it on iron-leg politicians and their muhurtham/timing of their swearing-in ceremonies. You know when there is no news when reams of newsprint is dedicated to the weather but digression apart, for those interested, it has been a great summer for me personally (stay tuned for new creative properties), the occassional stuck umbrellas and bird droppings whilst under trees notwithstanding –
As for why the umbrella is yellow, it is a homage/ode/wink/nod/reference to the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" which finally ended and is good riddance but when you think about it, it was all about a friggin yellow umbrella and the show made millions and careers inspite of the fact it had horrible characters, campy dialogue, cheesy situations (even for a sitcom) and what not. However, the final episode has a good word-play on the T.M initials engraved on the yellow umbrella standing for ‘Ted Mosby’, ‘Tracy McConnell’ AKA ‘The Mother’. Oh well… one finds traces of gold even in bird poop if one looks hard enough I suppose. Way to follow a thought, eh?

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