Congress Sinking Ship – Shehzada is King of World

7 May, 2014 at 16:47 2 comments

Just been to the voting booth, polling-station#192 at Andhra University to be precise, voted and got inked… err, pressed some buttons for all one can say in India is exactly this for there has been quite a hue and cry and controversy of rigging the electronic voting machines (EVM) which are yet to be resolved. Digression apart and a standard disclaimer is that I could be way off base here but the pulse of the public at the booths and queues is that Congress is a sinking ship and I just could not stop myself from doing this for it was just too easy and low-hanging for me to ignore it –
I would not dismiss and shrug it off as ‘good riddance’ because the truth of the matter is that while Congress might not get into power in the center, it could still get into power in some states. In fact, I can say for certainity that Congress will win in Amethi inspite of the well documented ‘Amethi Model of Development’ which is honestly a misnomer by Arkalgud Anantaramiya Surya Prakash for there is no “development” to speak of in Amethi since the Nehru family adopted it as its flag-bearing puppet namoona dummy stronghold. What does this remind me of?
Ah yes, a virus. it is almost like Congress is a virus and as we all know, a virus never really dies and cannot be truly eradicated – it just stays dormant for a while and when the conditions are again right, it raises its ugly head, infects and goes on its merry way to spread disease, worms, filth and all that ensues in its wake. Be as it may, even if Congress sinks without a trace in this and forthcoming governments, the dynasty with its shehzada will live long and prosper like kings on the loot and plunder amassed and by brandishing and exploiting the pirated Gandhi name for generations to come and go, forever for eternity. Tsk, it takes all kinds to make this world.

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  • 1. F  |  9 March, 2015 at 20:07

    Enjoyed the Article
    Also used the artwork on top for my small article on my blog with due credit to your blog and a link to your work.

    My warm regards, I look forward to reaing more of your work

    Durbar’s Tavleen Singh: A Spurned Friend or Incisive Journalist?


    • 2. sriks6711  |  10 March, 2015 at 12:52

      My pleasure, whoever you are – Tavleen, Faiz, Oaktree… 🙂 Feel free to give me a holler whenever there are seriously heart-wrenching stories on your mind. Can make no promises, but can illustrate if they are in my wheelhouse


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