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Swinging Bachelor – Word Play

Bachelorhood is given a bad rap by society and I wonder why when the benefits to the individual and society far outweigh the costs. If this were a debate, first argument is more bachelors means there will be no progeny and less population and by association, less pollution considering that the carbon footprint of humans is huge. A second argument is that research shows that bachelors on average live about 5 years lesser than married guys thereby clearing the stage for more jobs for younger people and less burden on society. Am sure there are other well made arguments made by people who gave far more thought to the matter than myself. So, jumping the gun, rather than being spoken with relief and respect, why then is the term ‘swinging bachelor’ always used condescendingly and with contempt? What does it even mean and what is the origin of the term? Has it come into being to depict how bachelors swing from one woman to another? While am a staunch celibate[1], just could not cease and desist on not doing the following…

I for one think there are conspiracies galore afoot. It could be a feminist conspiracy to condition men into settling down and make women the bosses of every happy-go-lucky sod. It could be a capitalist conspiracy for bachelordom is like socialism because wealth is distributed rather than hoarded. I wish I could expand but some humanities graduate must be doing a thesis on this very topic and it is best we go in search of it rather than go hyperbole and make anecdotal stand-up statements.

[1] Married types ask, ‘How SJ can you make do without sex’? Answer: The same as you! Only difference is I cope better knowing that it is purely my choice

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India is Anna Hazare is India

Wow, what a catchy populist statement! No self-respecting cartoon-artist, nay no doodler can let it pass and so, just quickly simply some complicated elaboration…

To be liberal and critical if only for the sake of it, I think Kiran Bedi has got it right because with old ignorant millions starving for days altogether in this sad poverty stricken uber-corrupt country, India is indeed an ugly representative of Anna Hazare.

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    23 August, 2011 at 23:47 3 comments

    Grow On You – Word Play

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    Discovering Ideal Job – Formula, Process, Steps

    There are two kinds of happy people. One kind love what they do. Other kind do what they love. Then there are the lucky buggers we all envy. We all know atleast one of their kind for they always have a smile on their lips, a sparkle in their eyes and a spring in their step. They are the ones who do what they love AND love what they do. In other words, they have drunk from the holy grail of “ideal job”. Yep! It very much exists and better believe for this formula/process/steps by none other than Vishwanath Poosala is what I was pointed by the powers that be when I sought an answer by penance for this ultimate key to the pursuit of happiness…

    When the head of Bell Labs (India speaks), better listen. Am on it and good luck.

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      Google+ Going Circles

      My personal take on Google+ is that it is a rehash, if not stolen entirely from my “Personal Webs” idea which I foolishly shared with them in 2006 but enough silly conspiracies. Just could not resist not doing this…

      Some earthlings too have pondered about the future of Google+ here and here.

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        India Independence Day 2011 – Cuffed and Shackled

        It is and probably always has been very fashionable to say, nay quip that India is a land of contradictions. For once, I tend to agree with this today of all days because it is so-called “Independence Day” of the nation. I know very well that ‘independence’ does not mean nor ‘imply’ freedom by no sense nor definition of the words but for all the patriotism and jingoism to mark 64 years of independence from a cruel, racist, iron-fisted rule of the British, it seems to me that the common man of this country is still in bondage – clutches, suffering, cuffs, shackles and the works…

        Ah yes, the contradictions. The police who are supposed to protect, torture. The politicians who are supposed to serve, rule. The doctors who are supposed to treat, harm. The corporations who are supposed to utilize, exploit. Finally, the people who are supposed to live, merely exist to drag yet another day without any hope towards a bleak future that is losing purpose with a unstable economy et al. I digress.

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          Drop a Line – Word Play

          Can anyone tell me how the particular phrase ‘drop a line’ came about? My guess is it could have to do with people in older simpler days writing notes, putting them in envelopes and dropping them in those brass openings in doors for something urgent. But then it should be ‘drop a note’ or something. Oh well, while I befuddle over it and wonder how the world is still full of such little mysteries, here is a moment of inspiration with all the cricket and baseball madness about…

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