UnPluggd – India Copy Startups – Coaching Rush

27 September, 2010 at 18:57 2 comments

Heard on the Trak grapevine that UnPluggd Startup Oktoberfest is going to be held in Bengaluru, well duh, in October. Here’s my quick take on what is going to happen in this so-called “school for startups” and what I think has been happening per my naive observations/experiences, in so-called India startup ecosystem scene –

You know in the movie “Adaptation”, Charlie vents anger and loathes at his twin brother Donald for going to a writing workshop? I kinda feel that way about these schooling sessions for entrepreneurs. If folks have to go to seminars – not that I see UnPluggd as one but there will be such sessions am sure – and read books and such on how to innovate, they are not true entrepreneurs now, are they? You know, streaking their own paths and all that. Come to think of it, UnPluggd itself is not original as a concept. Heck, the tagline has ‘Oktoberfest’ for crying out loud with scant regard as to the origins of the word and careless disregard on how Germany would see the misuse. Am sorry, am not impressed with such harakiri. Ditto with startup ecosystem in India. Am just not a big fan of mediocre unoriginal startups just copying and getting by with desi versions of ideas from other places. Peace.

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    • 1. ashish  |  2 October, 2010 at 04:38

      Thanks for sharing your views about UnPluGGd.

      I believe you got it wrong to an extent by comparing UnPluGGd with a ‘coaching center’.
      For reference, do take a look at the videos of the last event (yeah, they are lengthy and aren’t very crunchy..they talk some seriuous shit about entrepreneurship/money making/story telling etc). [http://goo.gl/fP01]

      Even this time, we are bringing in entrepreneurs who have built great tech business from India and have them share their experience.

      Having said that, I believe Learning is an art and is left to one’s own discretion and eagerness to learn.



      • 2. sriks6711  |  4 October, 2010 at 00:53

        I think you got my views wrong completely. I do know that UnPluggD is not a ‘coaching center’ because if I did, I would put your logo on top of the building. I am just saying that UnPluggD is providing a platform for every 2-bit successful entrepreneur to tell how great they are and for every copy-cat wannabe entrepreneur to attend such silly sessions. The keyword is copy-cat. I could be wrong but almost every Indian startup I keep hearing is a just a desi knock-off of some foriegn idea. This stupidity has got to stop. That is the serious issue here and hope you can address it at some point.


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