Company Blog Policies – Be Afraid, Very Afraid

29 August, 2010 at 00:24 Leave a comment

It has recently come to my stray attention through this that Wipro has released a blog policy for its employees. True to their catching-up and copy-cat credentials, they did it after Infosys did it. I am no lawyer nor have the patience and spare time to read drivel. Nor should you (oops). So, here is a quick summary of what it means…

I wonder how digital coolies at these chop-shop sweatshops are taking the atrocity. Hold on a minute. Just as expected, there is no commentary on the interwebs at all. Nor any protests nor marches nor candle-light vigils. Clearly, controls are already working. Mark it for in the words that will be immortalized, oppression and bondage is a choice as much as freedom and liberty. If a large group of educated people (granted it is quasi, fake, airy and rote but still) give up freedom of expression in probably the most open medium there is because they are not allowed to or not supposed to or shackled by random rules, there is little hope for a society that is burdened to bear them. Yet, thousands of employees will go about their trivial mundane lives without a care of what it all means. Ah ingorance! thy name is bliss. Those that do are more than happy to lose their voice and just got a happy excuse. The real funny thing is the justifications of “safeguarding reputation of the brand and company” and “protecting intellectual property” and “confidentility of clients” behind these stifling guidelines. By releasing a blog policy and stating an intent to play big brother, Infosys and Wipro have damaged their pinhead reputations which makes me wonder if the powers that be followed the motto and ‘applied thought’? And by complying to this asphyxiation, our coolies have not earned any brownie points either. Cautionary tale on dangers of conformity. It makes droids out of individuals.

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