India Retaliates for IT Chop-Shop Comment by USA

17 August, 2010 at 17:25 Leave a comment

Imagine this scenario. You are going somewhere by train and carrying a lot of luggage. You arrive at the station and start haggling with a coolie. No one really knows the true effort estimate of a coolie but yet we negotiate. Eventually we arrive at some price and at the time of dispensing money, we almost always curse the coolie saying that we have been taken for a ride and such. We take pot-shots by using atrocious phrases to describe the gawaar coolie and his kind. If the coolie happens to hear our comments, he might mumble something but that is the extent of his reaction most of the time. It is just human nature and part of any monetary transaction for services. So, when I saw this “US Senator takes pot-shots by using Atrocious phrases like ‘Chop Shops’ for Infosys: Shouldn’t India Retaliate?” article over at, I could not help myself but smile at ridiculousness of the question. I will leave it to readers to ponder about it themselves but here is what I think will happen at IT chop-shops in question that I can vouch for as a digital coolie myself –

The USA might think it is being smart by offloading the burden of building a cross-border Mexico wall to control the illegal immigration troves to India IT outsourcing industry via visa fee hike but little do they realize that ultimately the cost will be borne by the many America based clients that hire Indian IT workers directly or indirectly under goobledygook contracts. It will never come to cost competitiveness because $2000 hike will be absorbed easily for chop-shops work on high margins. As for the remark by some senator, as long as it is profitable, no one really cares what money making enterprises are called. Besides, as thick-skinned suckers, bring it all on.

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