Taj Mahal, Pyramids are Empire Sponsored Tombs

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Anyone who is brave enough to venture into old markets of any town and cities in India, or for that matter any other poor country, will notice hoardings, billboards and make-shift advertising plates scrambling for attention at eyeline and on the skyline. They dangle on poles and roofs by the last thread of some broken screw almost defying gravity and laws of physics and ethics. If the growth in such cacophony of business nature is extrapolated, it will not be far off/fetched before tombstones in graveyards will be seen as prime space for scribbles peddling wares promising happiness and joy for the whole family. If I were a promoter, I would be inclined to say that cemetries have great qualities and opportunites for advertisements. They capture the attention of people because of the peace and quiet etc. So, when I saw an illustration by Vasu in Sakshi Sunday Magazine some time ago, it reflected my thoughts and made me chuckle. I scanned it and here it is in all its glory –

Looking deeper, I questioned why would the guy in the picture be sick and pale and green? Could it be that idiot sod thinks this was not an advertisement but death caused/sponsored by some cola company? I could not put a finger on it but it made me wonder about tombs and sponsorship. This is hardly a futuristic phenomenon for there are instances all around us if we really looked. What is the Taj Mahal really but a tomb sponsored by erstwhile Mughal empire as a proxy display of power and wealth? It is high time before people saw it for what it is than some crazy idea of eternal love. Even so, there is documented evidence of slave labour, severed hands and whip deaths. Ditto with pyramids of Egypt which have traditionally been an icon of engineering prowess and cultural superiority but they are nothing but tombs of power-mad god-complex kings who even in death wanted to cross the river Styx first-class and craved for a premium deluxe specical place in heaven. No sirree, heaven was not enough to these buggers. They wanted box seats to watch the play as it unfolds down below. It makes me look at all these so-called wonders of the world with new eyes unveiling the monstrosity behind the farce and the ignoble intentions/cruelty behind these structures. To jest, all this started with a ponderance with why a cartoon character was puzzled in some random image of some booklet.

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