Octopi Make Perfect Politicians

10 July, 2010 at 17:38 Leave a comment

Antara Dev Sen of Little Magazine has a silly piece in the paper today titled, “We Want Our Own Octopus Oracle” linking ‘Paul the Oracle Octopus’ hype to India. Crass really. But as with just about everything else, there are always nuggets of good stuff hidden in any gutter. Particularly, the paragraph in which she argues that octopi make perfect politicians by evaluating survival and cheating characteristics –

… eight-armed Seer will dominate our lives and politics. In fact, soon we may see baby octopuses contesting elections – if the squirmy baba-log are related to the Ashtabhuj Baba they are fit to govern us, of course. And I have no doubt that they will make brilliant politicians.
For one, an octopus has no spine – it can mould itself any which way. Then, it is a master of camouflage. It can rapidly change colour, even its skin-texture, to fit its surroundings. Besides, it has excellent eyesight and a shrewd brain. Many believe octopus has nine brains, because each of its arms genuinely has a mind of its own. It would be a great help in a system where one arm doesn’t know what another is doing. When in tight spot, octopus can squeeze itself into any loophole and escape. And most importantly, it specialises in spraying ink to cloud your vision and play debauchery tricks …

Yup. octopi would be perfect politicians indeed. With Spain volunteering to provide security to such molluscs, it is a bonus and would be light on exchequer too.

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