Male Paralysisio Pretty Womanoma – Clever Barber

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Men are paralyzed mentally by a beautiful woman who can get away with murder. Apparently, your friendly neighbourhood barber also uses this to advantage…

As Seinfeld puts it, the male mind literally numbs down in the presence of beauty (in the eyes of the beholder of course) and advertisers really take advantage of this. Don’t you love those ads where you see the woman in the bikini next to the 32-piece ratchet set? We’ll be looking at girl in bikini, then looking at the ratchet set, going:

All right, well if she’s right next to the ratchet set, and I had that ratchet set… I wonder if that would mean that by transitive… I better just buy the ratchet set

Who knew, observational stand-up comedy could be so profound, eh? I have never heard of a beautiful woman ever getting a parking fine or speeding ticket. In fact, I am aware of instances where women try to validate themselves by committing a crime and see if they still have it in them to escape the lonely long hands of male officer enforced law. Apparently, it is not that hard and if so, they can do whatever they want. Flirt a little and a beautiful woman is off the death row. Flash a boob, or two, and a beautiful woman gets free taxi rides. Wars have been fought over women and many a friendship and kinship has been lost because of beauty. Gotta love the fair sex. Or comprehend the stupidity of the primitive male brain. Unfortunately, they are both impossible. Many people have tried and failed. Helen of Troy (not, Diane Kruger, you fools) is famed to have a face that launched a 1000 ships according to Iliad by Homer (not the Simpson, it should be said). Mel Gibson could have been very wrong. Women, not Jews, are responsible for all the foolish acts of men during entire tenure of primate history before and after civilization. That is a considerable amount of time and an extraordinary number of actions happening even now as we speak. There goes another failed attempt at conquest in a bar. Another feeble attempt at office romance. Keep on trying guys. To infinity and beyond and all that.

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