Climategate – Scientists Accused of Kindling Earth

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I feel for the climate scientists (if they can still be called that). They have been slogging out for years to get to a stage where a political will is in the nascent stages of formation when emails hacked from East Anglia servers has shown them in poor light of tampering evidence, cooking results, spreading fear, suppress alternative opinions and in general, violation of good scientific rigour, hearing dissident voices and professional process/code of inquiry. This has given enough pretext for climate change deniers (or morons, to be short) to jump on the bandwagon and turn around the argument that it is the shadows lurking scientists, leeching foundations, pain-in-ass activists, cry-wolf mobs of greens, end-of-days placard holding bums and cultish leaders (or carbon billionaires) who have misled the world into a hoax of an impending crisis igniting debate over the credibility of mainstream climate science using harsh words citing that they “feel” that 2009 has been cooler and that global warming is a load of hot air, literally. Something as silly as huff and puff bit…

    As a card holding member of the species, I am the first person to agree that if the accusations of bad science are true to any infinitesimal degree, it is unforgivable and blamed scientists have to explain themselves to the world and if not cleared of misconduct, should be suspended of duties or even barred from academia and ongoing discussion. No half measures and sympathizers should bay for the bad blood. Here is my take on the respective quotes of Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intercontinental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and US Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in, “Top UN Scientist: What Climategate?” by Martin Andersen –

    I think this [hacking of emails] is an illegal act. The only issue that has to be dealt with as far as this occurrence is concerned is to find out who is behind it. One can only surmise that those who have carried out this act have done it with the very clear intention as to influence the process in Copenhagen

    Disagree. I think of the hackers as journalists and if his argument is taken seriously then we should arrest all journalists who bring out the truth and breaking stories and no, we don’t question their methods. In fact, the dirtier, the closer they are to a Pulitzer. The irony of Pachauri statement is that the greens do not want to play dirty and are afraid of getting soil in their hands. Even with surface analysis, scientists have been found out like deers in headlights. If emails reveal errors and cock-ups, accept them and remedy the situation. Stop playing the victim card. Crack the whip and bring the publications into open access for sake of transparency. Get tough.

    Nothing that has come out in the public as a result of the recent email hackings has cast doubt on the basic scientific message on climate change and that message is quite clear – that climate is changing much, much faster than we realized and we human beings are the primary cause for the mess

    Agree. We humans have been abusing and raping the earth to the point of no return. No matter how wrong the science, it is fairly evident and obvious that this cannot continue any longer. The planet is not a giant dustbin (hey, a nice cartoon idea) which can take uncontrolled pollution, toxic emissions and horrific beatings. Whether one takes it on faith or rationale or scare or fandom, climate change is real and there is no reason to blame all the pioneering work done by genuine scientists and use the word conspiracy and put the whole field on shaky ground. Think of it this way. If we find that the 1979th decimal of Pi was somehow computed wrong by some black sheep somewhere, we would not stop doing math and derail it from the academic curriculum. Mistakes have been made. Shit happens. True truism. But we should all see the COP15 for what it is. An opportunity to set the wrongs right and work towards the creation of a better, cleaner and energy efficient world.

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