Binding Emissions Cut – USA to India Shake Hand

14 December, 2009 at 23:52 1 comment

According to any source one might want to look into, total carbon dioxide emissions (in millions metric tonnes as per 2003 figures) for USA is close to 6000MMT, for China is 4000MMT and India is 1000MT. Taking population numbers, this means the per-capita CO2 emissions (in metric tonnes) for USA is 20MT, China is 4MT and India is 1MT. Yet, in the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, USA is asking the world to wipe the slate clean and pressuring India to shake hand and comply in binding that every country, rich and poor reduce their respective emissions by 25% from now on – no matter what the gross, nett and per-capita emissions have been for the past 400 years during which time all the damage we see today (glacier reduction, droughts and floods, ice cap melting, typhoon severity et al.) has been done primarily by rich countries getting industrialized into developed countries. This situation has been depicted by many cartoonists. Here is Subhani in DC today…
If that is not unfair, I dont know what is. Given that per-capita income is inexplicably linked to per-capita emissions (higher income, higher pollution, duh?), it means that rich countries will get richer (but slower) and the poor countries will get poorer (and faster) if this policy or protocol or poo-poo is implemented. It seems to be more like arm-twisting to me. The irony is not the 25% or whatever arbitrary number but the gal to demand the world to forget the damage that has already been done and brandishing an air of superiority that it is the poor countries who have to take the initiative to save themselves. There is no fine being slapped because no one is asking. No technology transfer because no one is giving. No pledge to remedy the mistakes because no one is apologising. I will tell you what is binding. Rice. Ha ha.

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    • 1. chinmai  |  2 July, 2012 at 15:56

      great creativity.. just happened to check ur blog after a long time.. great going ..!!



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