Size Zero Jealousy – Poverty Fashion Show – Thin In

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Much talk is flying about “size zero” ranging from objectification of women to societal pressures to violation of feminism and womens rights blah blah blah. To all those loud women (who are almost always fat) who spin this disease, as an epidemic and protest, I say, ‘all you tits are just plain jealous – if you had just one wish, it would be to be thin – so, shut the heck up’. That said, I have always wondered what would giraffe models think when they see the zillion posters of Africa. You know, like when there is a poverty fashion show and a stick black model sees the poster…

If I kept the balloon emprty, most people would come up with a similar caption am sure. I also bet if the impoverished African lady were looking at the model, she would be thinking the exact same thing too and then some more, “Gosh! If only I was born in USA and found a fashion designer”. Well, that is women for you. Cant live with them. Cant rationalize with them. Cant survive without them. Cannot really blame them for the vanity becase society has always placed a high premium on slimness and has set, what some claim to be, impossibly high standards of glass figurine shape for girls. No matter what one says, beauty business is very big and is one of the growth engines even if the world is going to fall apart tomorrow.

    Coming back to “size zero”, on hindsight (I probably dont have to say this because no one can stop a woman hell bent on becoming wafer thin or anything she sets her wonky mind to for that matter), no amount of reverse literature can stop this fad from spreading (to media controlled countries to be specific) because when you look around, it is the ill waifs (from Kate Moss to Ann Coulter to Kareena Kapoor) who are making the big bucks and horror of horrors are proclaimed by many to be role models. You dont see regular/fat women on billboards or modelling or selling lightweight laptops or power drills or starring as evil desperate housewives, crime scene investigators, bounty hunters, world peace protectors, braided archaelogical heiresses and what not, do you? I think women can make that connection. One might have no talent, not an iota whatsoever except for going for long periods of neglect, crapping and puking and yet, one can land into shit-loads of money. Thin is in. Good luck to the fat feministas. If not yet apparent, I for one support “size zero” as long as it is done through starving oneself and exercise and NOT through smoking, pills, eating disorders, fast unto sickness/death (hey, this could be good) and worst of all, bulemia. If more people dont eat, it is better for the world in general, no? I think thin people are more attractive because after all that is how nature intended the human body to be. Anyone can become fat – one has to just sit on bums all day and be indisciplined – but it takes real effort to stay thin. Think about it folks. Thin people eat less food, occupy less space, need less clothing et al. Just economics.

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