Unbearably Sad Reality of India – 26/11 Aftermath

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I did not want to do a homage to 26/11 or whatever the media has conjured up for some terrorist attack in Mumbai last year this time around because there have been other attacks since in various other places. But I found something of interest in a ranting post by Atanu Dey in “Unbearably Sad Reality of India” and cartoonizized…

As per the conjecture that good bits can be buried in a matchbox (with apologies to Christopher Hitchens), here are a few selected quotes from the piece…

In 1947, India had great promise. It could have become at least a second world economy (per-capita $10,000) and – given its huge population of over a billion – it could have been a formidable economic force. As someone sadly noted, “of all sad words of tongue or pen, ‘it could have been’ are the saddest of all”. Where’s India actually? China and the US are the worlds “two leading powers,” wrote our favourite NYT columnist Thomas L Friedman. How much more blatantly obvious can it be that India does not bat in the big league when even Friedman figures it out. How irrelevant is India? The US president in a speech delivered recently in Tokyo on US relations in Asia did not even mention India. Sometime ago, Bill Clinton had wanted to make a quick stop in India on his way to visit China. The Chinese told him that he need not bother coming to China if he was going to stop however briefly in India. When you come to China, come to China only, they told him. Clinton said, yessiree. A little later came Clinton’s visit to India. He decided that he will stop by Pakistan on his way back from India. India begged him to not do so. India begged, not demanded. He told India to shove it and stopped in Pakistan. India has to suffer indignities because it is unbearably poor.

India is poor because its policies suck. India has bad policies because it got bad leaders right from the start. One cannot fault small countries such as say, Burundi or Zambia, for not being a world power. They just don’t have the population, the human capital, the size or the natural resources for that. No one expects small marginal countries to be of any consequence. But India had (almost) all the necessary components for becoming a nation of some consequence in a few decades after independence. What it did not have was enlightened leadership. Are those leaders alone to blame? Actually no. Leadership is largely endogenous and reflects the nature of the population. The ultimate cause of poverty of any large group is the group itself. India’s leaders are ensuring that it continues to be an irrelevant third-world country by keeping it poor and condemning hundreds of millions of Indians to lives of extreme deprivation and premature deaths.

India is so weak externally that even a failed tinpot Islamic dictatorship can cause immense harm to India. Another failed Islamic state – one which India saved from being butchered further by its Islamic brother and helped it gain independence – routinely sponsors terrorism in India and is engineering a demographic change in India’s eastern states. India responds with weak protests. India is so weak internally that its citizens die by the hundreds each year from Islamic terrorism and all it can do is to run to the US and complain that Pakistan is being bad to India. India whines and asks the US to declare Pakistan a state that supports terrorism. The US, in response, declares Pakistan to be a frontline ally of the USA “war on terror.” That’s not a slap on the face of India. That’s a steel-toed military boot shoved deep in the head. India has been reduced to a rather pathetic state that its prime minister feels grateful for the little attention that the US administration magnanimously throws his way. He, of all people, should know because the family he serves so loyally (the Nehrus) is the one that has reduced India to this reality.

Ever get that old feeling that you heard it all before? Well, that is what I feel. Adios.

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