Authorized Graffiti Paintings on Bangalore Walls

22 November, 2009 at 14:23 Leave a comment

On the last trip to Bangalore, I observed painted walls (with art that is) which I thought were the Indian version of graffiti which made me smile because after all, graffiti is a form of expression of bubbling anger mostly. I was soon disappointed because on digging deeper (read, chance encounter of an article in a magazine), I found this is a pesky initiative from the Greater Bangalore Muncipality Corporation, better known locally as Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike. The BBMP it seems is planning to fill up walls with art to give them an identity of sorts, improve the beauty/aesthetics of the neighbourhoods while creating revenue and exposure for many struggling artists and make the paintings serve as conversation starters to build a closer sense of community. Or something to that effect. A quick shot…

I can only imagine what the future directions to lost tourists would be. “Go left on the painting that is about grief and suffering inviting the viewer to contemplate the evanescence of life speaking to the horror of ones own mortality and from there, take first right to the rather safe, predigested, bucolic genre scenes depicting the crass shallow values of the human condition”. While the former could be a banian advertisement and latter, a cinema poster, a tourist will be able to find the address in question and empty his bladder on the avant garde piece of a hole in the ground.

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