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Latest installment from Andy Lubershane as part of his “Earthly Ideas” series. This week it is “Carbon Capture and Sequestration”. Because OhNoRobot (webcomics search engine relying on crowdsourced transcriptions) still does not cover the aforementioned strip, full-text (with satire) follows after the fold for my archival only…

The idea of “Carbon Capture and Sequestration” (CCS) is a highly controversial one. Some environmentalists (for whom nothing seems to be good enough, ever) think it is an excuse to keep relying on fossil fuels for energy. Managements of coal plants and oil companes swear to clean up their act (as these assholes have been doing it for ages). In reality, it is an excuse to keep burning fossil fuels but it is not JUST an excuse because let us face it, every week there are new coal-fired power plants popping up around the world (to satisfy an insatiable appetite for electricity) and the owners of these plans are going to do their best to make sure they are used. After all, power plants cost billions of dollars (provide employment and development) and it is in no one’s interest (except sissy activists who BTW most of them dont even know the definition of ‘power cuts’ and ‘energy poverty’ and there is no evidence of this joke collective switching to expensive greener power or living off-the-grid for even a few hours a day to do their bit except on some hyped about 1 lousy hour per year, what was that? Earth Day?) to just try and shut them down.
The point of CCS technology is to allow all these plants to keep producing energy without releasing/producing exhaling high levels of harmful carbon emissions. The goal is to capture a large portion of the carbon leaving a power plant and pump that carbon into sealed, underground caverns and empty mines, thereby sequestering it indefinitely. Still, making sure the carbon stays buried is one of the many, if not most important challenges CCS engineers have yet to resolve! (my bet is they won’t because these Einsteins have to be given Nobel prizes because they dont want to work on cleaner burning coal or engines or converters or filters but just channel the emissions somewhere else like the unstable underground and ocean floor which might as well all explode one day. Besides, Nobels are dime a dozen nowadays and once given, no laureate ever does any work other than bask in the glory and writing autobiographies.) OK. When you are done picking yourself up from the floor laughing, note that all in all, CCS is a promising technology (to whom I loudly wonder?) – one with which we ought to make sure new coal plants (what about old ones which constitute 80% any day?) being built today are compatible. After all, coal (which is just yet another form of carbon – ooh, sciency) is forever. Right ladies?

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