Prices to Fall – Give Time – Cuckoo Montek Singh

16 November, 2009 at 12:31 Leave a comment

There are plenty of Indian jokes that involve two sardars, Santa and Banta, who are well intentioned and good natured simpletons. What is not well known is that they have evil twins, Monta (Montek Singh) and Manta (Manmohan Singh) who hold high powers in the nation but inspite of it, should be the butt of more jokes given their persisent cuckooing that prices will fall because it is just a matter of time. Here is a nice cartoon by Subhani in the Deccan Chronicle today reflecting this stupidity…

This is a perfectly good explanation and excuse for poor junta who only have tomorrow to look forward to. But for the educated of us lot (not those with degrees, mind you), one has to ask, how will prices decrease when the demand for everything is on the up because of simple population (not overpopulation, mind you) and climate (not global warming, mind you) dynamics are transpiring to stress available/meagre/limited resources? In my 3 years of returning back to India, I have not seen one single thing which has got down in prices other than the obvious ones like electronic goods (or e-waste as I call it) which are out of topic. The basic necessities of life – roti, kapda, makaan – have spiralled. This matter-of-time stuff reminds me of that other looney Rosling of TED. The only thing that can happen over time is that one gets used to the pain and suffering. After all, time does heal.

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