Beating About for Jessica Lall – Media Hypocrisy

12 November, 2009 at 17:12 1 comment

Antara Dev Sen has a warped piece in DC today titled “Bringing up Manu” arguing while justice has been served in the murder of some washed-up model, Jessica Lall, society is to be blamed for the soap opera that followed which included shammy court proceedings, twists and turns in the case, granting parole, club fights, voluntary jail etc. Let us review the timeline and cast of characters, shall we?

* Manu Sharma (son of wealthy Congress minister Vinod Sharma) shoots Jessica when she refused to serve him another drink since the bar was closed. “The idea was to shoot in challenge,” admitted Manu at the time. “It was embarrassing to hear that even if I paid a thousand bucks I would not get a sip of drink.” But money does make the world go round
* Manu Sharma escapes the law for years. A bullet from a second gun mysteriously appeared and Manu and his accomplices (most notably being Vikas Yadav, sone of yet another politician and a murdered of an IAS officer’s son in his own right) laughed their way out of what had appeared to be an open and shut case of murder in front of a crowd of witnesses
* Manu Sharma, filthy rich from running a string of sugar mills, hotels, restaurants and discotheques, was free and happy at his cool hangouts till a public outcry forces Delhi High Court to convict Manu of Jessica’s murder, sentencing him to life imprisonment in December 2006. This news was widely reported as a victory for the Indian justice system
* Manu Sharma is granted parole using his long-dead grandmother and to look after business affairs as fake excuses to get out of jail and go partying, not keeping to his terms of parole, refusing to admit his mistakes and playing the wounded victim when his crimes catch up with him. Manu Sharma messes it up by being caught in a drunken brawl while clubbing in Delhi
* Besides, his “aged mother” is reportedly in her early fifties (rather young by political standards) and was very actively campaigning for her husband Vinod Sharma, Congress candidate for Ambala city, in last month’s Haryana Assembly elections. Apparently, Manu was also a key campaigner for his father. His parole was granted exactly when the campaign was to start
* On November 1-2, Vikas Yadav (infamous son of infamous politician D.P. Yadav), convicted killer of Nitish Katara and accomplice of Manu Sharma was out on parole attending his sister’s wedding in Delhi. If Vikas Yadav had been jailed in time for destruction of evidence in Jessica Lall’s murder, which he was convicted of later, then Nitish Katara would be alive today
* Manu Sharma “voluntarily” goes back to jail after a month-and-a-half of gallivanting on parole – include murder, lying, cheating, impertinence, deceit, trickery and remaining shamelessly unrepentant. And if the poor dear fellow had not got carried away and stupidly brawled with the son of Delhi Police Commissioner, he could have happily continued life on parole
* Manu Sharma writes a letter to his mother, “Ma, I assure you I have done no wrong. Maybe it is my fate. I want to assure you that I will always stand by the values you have taught me” which prompted Antara to write the piece for DC which prompted me to write this post and for you to break your heads

Antara goes on to ask, very agitatedly, if it is us, the society that harbours criminals and allows them to go free, who vote politicians with dubious connections back to power, who taught Manu Sharma those values? Or was it the criminal justice system that takes so long to deliver justice? Or should our political system that mollycoddles criminals for the love of money and power take credit for imparting these values to these murderers – Manu and Vikas?
Antara then answers that our unfortunate country is studded with criminals in positions of power. So, we have to take full credit for the values Manu flourishes – to our sleepy legal system, corrupt administration, lazy civil society and of course to our amazingly shameless political leaders. Less said about paroles, the better. It is, of course, essential to be human even to convicted murderers. But there is something curious about those who get parole/bail and those who don’t. One would assume that only the rich and well-connected get it at will, while ordinary criminals, even if they were charged with far lesser crimes, had no such right. And no, fates of people who have been killed or families destroyed by the murder of their breadwinners is not our business. Who even cares?

I know the last sentence is supposed to be satirical but it got me wondering. Would such a hue and cry be made if Jessica Lal was not some fair-skinned model and minor celebrity active in the social scene? Take for example, another murderer, Salman Khan who trampled several homeless people, killing one and injuring three, when driving drunk. Now, Salman Khan is in no way as rich and powerful as Manu Sharma and Vikas Yadav who have political clout. So, how did Salman Khan get away with murder and still making movies in which he is shown as a violent trigger-happy street goonda romancing pretty damsels to audience applause? A cartoon by Rajneesh Kapoor is perhaps digressively apt for the occassion…

The answer, dear reader, lies not in the act nor criminal but in the victim. To see an article such as “Freedom from Jail is a a Party for Sallu Miyan” in SiliconIndia, makes the heart weep of how senseless the Bollywood obsessed masses are. And then minorities talk about Muslims being treated unfairly. I wonder why Antara Sen does not talk about this hit-and-run case? Maybe because it did not happen in Delhi. Or because she is part of the media bandwagon which lives on the misadventures of the famous. One never knows. But what one does know is that the victims were nobodies. Salman Khan allegedly slapping Aishwarya Rai got more headlines and media columns than murder. This is the fucking country and hypocrite media and kalyug times we live with. India is shining bright. Jai Ho Ho Ho!

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