Al Gore – Carbon Billionaire – David Letterman

6 November, 2009 at 13:31 Leave a comment

In the David Letterman show of yesterday (dont know exact airing date or edition), Al Gore was the guest pitching in for his book and spreading more fear about the sky falling, lack of political will, living responsibly, China bashing, green technologies, clean energy, 3rd world calamities, Kyoto protocols, not doing enough, Africa horrors, G8, G20 and all that. There was a nice quip that Gore might be the first “carbon billionaire” that stuck and will no doubt be a trending topic…

Look, I tend to think of myself as a scientist and am a supporter (or is it opposer?) of climate change. That there is a planetary crisis is afoot is beyond doubt simply because human civilization has grown by leaps and bounds pumping zillions of CO2 into the atmosphere. But to profit from the crisis with a messianic air and glum mediocrity is just parasitical. It is pathetic but who is to blame? Hint: It is not Al Gore. Oh, he is clever. It is the followers who I pity and weep for. Sad lost buggers.

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