Loss of Laughter – Environmentalists Changing Bulbs

3 November, 2009 at 23:01 1 comment

Now for a little levity to lighten the mood, Mickey Z. on PlanetGreen has a nice intro to An Environmentalist Walks Into a Bar… 10 Green-ish Jokes to Be Reused, Recycled, Repurposed (or Maybe Just Composted) which goes as follows…

    Somewhere over the years, we manage to lose a few hundred laughs every 24 hours. Children (of all cultures and eras) laugh, on average, 400 times a day. For adults, the number is 15. Subsequently, every house or apartment comes with a medicine chest. Ah! the age or innocence. It should be obvious that it’s okay to sometimes joke about what’s serious; and that includes the environment. Laughter is universal. Everyone laughs, except maybe morose ordinaires. When it comes to what produces laughter, well, that’s a different story. There’s gotta be something positive about a language with so many words for “laugh” (giggle, chortle, snicker, chuckle, cackle, guffaw, hoot, snigger, titter, snort, etc.) and “funny” (hilarious, humorous, uproarious, comical, droll, hysterical, amusing, witty, mirthful, etc.), and “joke” (gag, one-liner, witticism, wisecrack, pun, riposte, jest, prank, jibe, etc.)

    Jokes were lame except few below which made me chuckle for 316th time today…

    Lisa: Do we have any food that wasn’t brutally slaughtered?
    Homer: Well, I think the veal died of loneliness. (The Simpsons)

    I love children too but I don’t cut heads and stick them in vases. (G B Shaw)

    Some national parks have waiting lists for camping. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong. (George Carlin)

    Q. How many environmentalists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A. 12! One to write the light bulb a letter requesting that it change. Four to circulate online petitions. One to file a lawsuit demanding it change. One to send the light bulb loving kindness, knowing that this is the only way real change occurs. One to accept the light bulb precisely the way it is, clear in the knowledge that to not accept another is to do great harm to oneself. Two to beg for grants and donations. One to write a book about how and why the light bulb needs to change. And finally, one to smash the f#$^#&ing light bulb, because we all know it’s never going to change. (Derrick Jensen)

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