Pope on Diwali – You Need Saving – China Ahoy!

17 October, 2009 at 12:09 1 comment

On the eve of Diwali, just wanted to remind folks that the previous shepherd of a sheep flock or the bishop of Vatican Rome, better known as the Pope, visited India some years ago around this very time and had the gall to tell Indians and much of 3rd World that they need to be saved and that the Catholic church will save the poor buggers by bringing them under the cross – that instrument of torture and death (ask Jesus if you dont believe me because he was crucified) that they proudly wear around their necks. And who was their mascot? Mother Teresa no less. Before you flame on the views expressed and cartoon below, go read this article titled “Mother Teresa: Where are her Millions?” first published in the German Stern magazine

As has been depicted, the Church or any form of organized patriarchal fraternized religion for that matter has burnt innocents in the name of witch-hunts and inquisitions, murdered scientists on the grounds of heresy like saying the planet is more than 4000-years old and inadvertantly engaged in vile activities like child rape. The less said what happens behind the walls, the better. While most religions have kind of petered out, Christianity and Islam are on a race to save the peoples of the world with the Abrahamic faiths brainwashing and promising a better life after death as bait. Combined with reservations and minority status, people just gobble it up. Coming back to the topic, unsurprisingly, there was very little angst and opposition to the blatant slap on the face by the Pope. After all, the Indian government headed by Manmohan Singh works for Sonia Gandhi, an Italian by birth and a Roman Catholic by faith. It is a GO that no one can criticize the Italian government or the Vatican because Sonia Gandhi would not allow it. Besides, The mentality of an occupied people is not easy to change. The British left over 60 years ago but we elevate white skins (Teresa and Sonia) over brown skins is too deeply rooted into the collective psyche. This is currently being cosmetically marketed too.

    There is an important question though. Can India be saved? I doubt it. Many have tried and failed. But if there ever was a country which can save India from the rot, it can only be Red China. Whatever one might say, China is the only one who has managed to keep a billion people in check. Not its environment or unrest but people, yes. India is likely to face some very major stress — centered most likely on resource scarcity such as water, food, or energy — in the not too distant future. This will happen not because of a lack of resources but the corruption of business, ineptitude of politics and gross indiscipline of citizens. The whole stinking mess needs to be nuked and cleaned up and it is only China who has the guts to do it. I better stop now before I am banned and arrested for overplaying the real issues and solutions and mentioning China. Not paranoia. Just that you may never know.

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    • 1. Madub Ishkar  |  10 August, 2011 at 21:34

      you should actually check your facts before you spew such foolishness.



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