Poverty Line – Poignant Situation of Poor

10 October, 2009 at 14:30 Leave a comment

Every once in a while, as an investigative cartoon artist, one encounters a topic that just cannot be spun into a spitting satire of any sort. The lives of the poor surviving around (not just below) the poverty line is one such topic. It bamboozles my mind of how they are staying afloat in this country of such high prices and horrendous pollution with no electricity or running water or bathrooms. Perhaps, this is the right time to use the expression, “salute the human spirit” instead of diluting it on some rich blokes climbing mountains and millionaire soccer players scoring a goal. Sorry for the digression. Long story short, I could not make a cartoon on the permeating sadness. But I could find this when flipping a random booklet…

It is a painting by an artist called Ravi. Irony is that it will never be displayed in a gallery when it should be instead of triangles and blobs. It shows a poor guy, a farmer/daily-wage-worker carrying his worldly possessions on paper in one basket and his family in the other. There is an inaccuracy as in showing just two children but that is artistic liberty for you. The twist is the stick supporting the cradles which is depicted to be the state of the economy which is getting bad by the day and by association, pushes the poverty line higher (inspite of propaganda to bring it lower despite high inflation) bringing more and more people into its hold. Notice the skeleton jutting out. The tiredness of carrier. The helpless and sick faces of the family, inadequate clothes, dark leathery skin. All the works, just works IMHO.

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