Sociological Utility of 2-degree Social Graph – FOAF

5 October, 2009 at 13:48 1 comment

Call it destiny or fate or coincidence or maybe, it is a case of the world looking blue to those wearing blue glasses or some wonky filtering/resonance mechanism in the brain or whatever, whenever I am thinking of something, I tend to see that “thing” everywhere I look. Take for instance, the recent meditation on “social graph” which is essentially a semi-formal take on the semantic web initiative of FOAF. I have been going through the documents and proofs of why a 2-degree “social graph” (or friend-of-a-friend network) is sticky enough to provide pretty good answers to life, universe and everything when this copycat article in the DC Hyderabad tabloid today comes up with a warped and twisted sociological utility…

Several teens come up with extraordinary tales about their ‘Friend of a Friend‘ (FOAF) to look cool at parties and social dos. Did your friend’s friend spot a UFO recently? Or watch two King Cobras fighting in the wild? Did your friend’s friend dream about the tsunami before it happened? Teens love relating tall tales loaded with drama, suspense and intrigue. So what if their lives aren’t as exciting as they’d like them to be. They make up for it by falling back on the strategy of FOAF (teens have several), who, from listening to them, seem to have done the wildest, craziest and most outrageous things. Teenagers are turning experts at coming up with FOAF stories to raise their ‘cool’ factor at parties and social dos. “My FOAF is too cool, according to my friends, and that just makes me cool by association,” grin the young buggers even if the FOAF stories are so far-fetched that they border on urban legends. Sometimes, the FOAF excuse is trotted out by teens to narrate something embarrassing that they did themselves, but don’t want to own up to, which nevertheless makes for a good story to get everyone’s attention at parties. Inspite of the doubtable ethics, it might be that the FOAF is every teens BFF”

I guess it is very important for people to let other people know that they know some cool people even if those people are just a figment of their imagination or in those cases they exist, they are not aware of their own and self existence. And if someone is creepy enough to follow up the truth, one can always escape by attributing it to the phenomenon of chinese whispers/rumours. So, there you go. FOAF have a utility in real life and no wonder, this is reflected in online life. Bring on the XML and graphs!

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    Murphy Quacks # 05 – Paper in Wet Part of Garden FOAF as Identity – Proof by Ye Olde Adage

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    • 1. Henry Story  |  6 October, 2009 at 00:19

      Quite a few foaf of mine met Tim Berners Lee 🙂



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