Gandhi Jayanthi, Pub Talk and Lindsay Sloan

2 October, 2009 at 11:46 2 comments

Inspired by Shashi Tharoor tweet that Gandhiji would not be really happy for people to take a day off on his birth anniversary, we proceeded to atleast play rather than declaring a holiday to shuttle badminton. On the way to the court, I noticed that other people were inspired too. It was not the shops and stores but pubs and bars. Apparently, Gandhi Jayanthi is not a dry day anymore in reality. It is by government regulations but who cares? I had a good mind to talk to the owner of one of the pubs on the route and proceeded to go in. The bouncer stopped me saying that a) I was not dressed proper (sports gear not allowed) b) Only couples are allowed. I did not understand either (topics for other posts) but said that I just wanted to meet the manager. He would not budge and did not even use the walkie-talkie. Not being a fan of confrontation, I weaseled out when a girl comes to me and asks if I wanted to get in. I said yes but realized that I heard of such girls, or escorts, who take money to accompany and allow single men to get into such “couples only” venues. She was about to say something when I said that I am not going to pay her any money because I wanted to get in only to speak to the manager and give him a piece of my mind regarding opening the pub on October 2nd which is disrespectful. She was taken aback and went away to her group of hovering friends. I put on my helmet and was about to start the engine when she came back and agreed to go.
So, hand in tow with a pretty young thing, let us call her by the initials AI, we walked in and the bouncer did not stop. He smiled at AI and I understood a bit more of the escorting business. Once inside, we sat at the bar and I asked the bartender that I wanted to speak to the manager. He gave me the directions to the room upstairs. I excused myself and went to meet the bugger. I knocked the door, went in and introduced myself. I told him about the purpose of my visit. He listened, got visibly disturbed and asked me to wait in the bar while he took care of some other important stuff and make a few calls. I went back to the bar. AI asked how it went and I told her what happened. So, the waiting started. It was awkward because I had no interest in her and she was also not quite sure. I noticed her discomfort and thought that the least I could do is have a chit-chat with her for the help. I have been told by women to be a good conversationalist. This is how it went…
SJ: So. Thanks for coming in with me. I appreciate it
AI:(hesitant) No problem. Maybe you want to buy me a drink?
SJ: Nope. Apart from the irony, I have no money on me. Sorry
AI: Oh OK. Soooo your shaven head is a homage to Gandhi?
SJ: Good observation but no. Am writing about it in a blog though
AI: Cool. I just thought you were a Gandhian or something
SJ: Not at all. I dont even like the guy all that much
AI:(confused) Then why all this?
SJ: Because it is a violation of regulations and disrespectful
AI: You are a responsible citizen then?
SJ: I try. Aren’t you? What did you do for say, Gandhi Jayanthi?
AI: I watched a movie. “Munnabhai Zindabad”
SJ: Good movie I should say, although, it is hardly a dedication/homage
AI:(unsure) You watch movies?
SJ: Umm… I just said I did. But not a lot
AI: Who is your favourite actress?
SJ: Why do you want to know?
AI: Chumma timepass
SJ: No it is not because that is a very hard and tricky question and the truth is I cannot really answer that. Firstly, I dont have a big enough sample. Secondly, I do not know about acting. So, who am I to judge who is good and bad?
AI: Wow! It was just an innocent question. You astound me
SJ: Yeah. Sometimes I astound myself
AI:(playing with hair) But you should have some favourite. No?
SJ: The issue is not that. The issue I have is with the question. No seriously. When people ask me this question, they are asking another question. Which women do I find attractive? People think that is a deep question. That somehow getting to know who I find beautiful says something about me. It is like people asking me for my zodiac sign. Plain absurd to think that a birth date is important
AI:(holding my hand) So, you are not attracted to any actress?
SJ: Of course I am. I have several crushes on people playing characters. My current muse is this actress who was in a supporting role in the movie “Over Her Dead Body”. She is the sister of the hero. I dont even know the name but I found her very cute. She just oozes a warmth about her. Maybe it is the character of a loving and doting younger sister who has genuine concern for her brother. Or maybe it is just her. The eyes, the voice, the accent. It is hard to fake so much personality. Or maybe, I am just attracted to those kind of people. You know, hot and caring
AI: This is a most interesting discussion to this question
SJ: Well, there is a first time for everything
AI: Someone is calling you. I think it is the manager
SJ:(noticing) Be back in a minute. Please do not wait for me
AI:(after 10 minutes) So, how did it go
SJ: It went interesting. I really gotta go now
AI: Wait. You dont want my number?
SJ:(leaving quickly) What for?
AI: Well, I got to know a lot about you. What about me?
SJ: OK. Who is your favourite actor? What’s your rashee?
AI: Brad Pitt and Capricorn
SJ: Oh boy! Houston we have a problem. See ya when I see ya
Swear to God. True story. For those wondering what happened in the managers office. Suffice to say a few hot words were exchanged. A few warnings floated around. I would have taken action only to come back to the bar and see a few police enjoying their drinks. There is nothing one can do about that now, neh? As for the actress, it is Lindsay Sloan. She is hot and caring. Or maybe it was the character.

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