Recession, Prices, Drought etc. on 3rd World

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In a client meeting where inadvertently one participant is always fashionably late, we got talking of the effects of recession. I was surprised that Westerners are envious that 3rd world countries are not as affected by the recession as them. It got me thinking of why is it that countries like India have been resilient to the financial crisis and indeed, the skyrocketing prices and natural disasters like floods and drought that afflict these pathetic excuses of nations year after year. I doodled…

Ever heard of the expression, “flogging a dead horse“? Well, that is the case here. When people are living below the poverty line, it does not matter if the line is pushed higher or lower. When people dont have jobs to begin with, it does not matter if jobs are lost. When people dont have the purchasing power to buy anything, it does not matter if prices increase. When people dont have shelter, it does not matter if it is flood or drought conditions. When people live in the gutter that is the case with 2/3rd+ of the world, it does not matter if it is a recession or some other fancy thing that people who make bonuses for failure are guilty of creating. Nothing that happens seems to affect these overpopulated masses. They are just immune to any hit. Life goes on. Life drags on. They survive. It is not a testament to the strength of human spirit but a salute to the human body. As the character says, pile on the misery as long as it is not death. The gutter goes deep into the abyss. Far deeper than anyone can fathom dawg. Bring it on!

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