Y S Rajsekhar Reddy – Sakshi Obituary

4 September, 2009 at 15:52 2 comments

Here is an obituary, or rather a political homage in imagery of the recently deceased Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Born in 1949 and dead in 2009 through a helicopter crash near Kurnool found after the most expensive man-hunt…

This was published in the newsdaily, “Sakshi” run by his son, Jagan somebody who is being groomed to be the next CM. Be scared but back to the topic, interesting things here. YSR is depicted as the ‘rain man’ even after his death and recent drought, lest the public forget that it was he who precipitated the South-West monsoon in 2004. The schemes of “Rajiv Arogyasri” and “Indiramma Houses”, even if the India monarch family royale, had not donated a dime to deserve the use of their names in the schemes are subtly hinted at. The focus on a controversial dam project called “Polavaram” and thereby free hydel power to “Anna Daatha” (farmer) is fairly obvious. It is the vote bank in AP and indeed, most, if not all, India. All in all, very clever PR which they say, is more certain than death and taxes but we all know something dont we? The populace memory is short. We as species suffer from a serious bout of chronic selective amnesia. I’d give a week max to move on.
Watching all the commotion of TV coverage of suicides and funerals but knowing a little better about the atrocities committed and corruption reign of YSR, all I can say is that death was once considered the great equalizer. These days, it is the best way to reconstruct a damaged reputation. Lionizing the dead isn’t just a cottage industry; it’s universal. The sins of the living are washed away in death, leaving behind a pristine corpse free of taint. The sullen are said to have been cheerful, the mute are labeled as gregarious, and the misanthropes are reported as bastions of charity and goodwill. Death indeed clears all debts.

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