Happy Independence Day India – Whatever

15 August, 2009 at 15:11 1 comment

Amazing how stupid a billion+ people can be to celebrate something (and by that I mean, put up a flag somewhere, wear a kurtha/saree, consume liquor etc.) that is completely senseless and has been the cause of endless suffering (partition, anyone?) the effects of which are all there to see (defense budgets of two mad countries and tragedy of one very populous and hopeless country). Worst of all, it was totally a random pick by ye olde British Raj…

Truth is the gora sahibs were not that smart and technology was not that advanced then to extract the remaining resources other than load up all the plundered gold and diamonds on board the SS Brittanica. If it were today and seeing how easy it is to leech just about every entity, with humans easiest prey, India would have never got freedom, er, independence. Maybe that would have served this country and the world better. There would be about a less billion people, no Pakistan, no Kashmir, no Bangladesh, no cricket madness, no Congress party, no Indian politicians and perhaps, the bonus, no me. If only, the stupid Brits were cleverer. Tsk. Tsk.

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