India Political Machine – Garbage In, Zilch Out

4 July, 2009 at 14:45 Leave a comment

People ask me why I am so critical, nay, cynical of the Indian political system. After all, this is the greatest, nay, biggest democracy in the world and all that pile of parrot droppings. It is not I am overly critical. It is just that I dont care for it is hard to care about something that one does not see or hear or smell or taste. All one can do is sense a dark ominous tragedy of corruption, stupidity and jingoism all around. You see, the political machine of India, nay political apparatus is like none other. In any other system, if you give something as input, something comes out as output. In fact, if we put garbage in, we atleast garbage out. But in Indian politics the inputs might be just about any horrible instrument of crass/mass propaganda such as violence, booze, dirt, murder, oppression, promises, noise, cash etc. but the output is zilch. There is no governance to speak of. There is no leadership to speak of. There is no direction to speak of. Yada Yada Yada. It is “ishta-raj” of the most superficial order in bizzaro-world quantum-mechanics anti-matter territory…

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