India is a Futuristic Country – Smart Grand Plan

16 April, 2009 at 16:28 1 comment

People said that it cannot be done. That it is impossible. To use the words ‘India’, ‘Futuristic’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Plan’ in the same sentence, let alone a proximic title phrase and short breath. But I have done it. I can say with a great deal of confidence that in fact, the smart grand plan by the rulers, politicans, governments, industrialists, populace and bureaucrats of India all along has been to prepare India for the future and thrive in it like no other nation can.
Historys (wars, looting, policies) unalterable tide has swept all nations, cultures, people and institutions along its unrelenting path. Everything and everyone has served the single purpose to produce India as it is today filled with poverty, ignorance, filth and corruption which will get worse to the point where even pigs cannot survive in the stye and maggots in the rot – but Indians can. Good for Indians and I have cartoon evidence to prove that it is all quite true.

    Exhibit-A comes from the so-called “20-minute Neighbourhood” concept visualized by Andy Lubershane as part of the ‘Earthly Comics’ series.

    Details are sketchy, literally, but the goal is to ensure that all necessities of life are no more than a 20-minute walk away from the house achieved by designing communities where it is easy NOT to drive. This will lead to more sustainable living. Dont know about that 20-minute shit but India is clearly way ahead of the curve for the entire nation is a 0-infrastructure town and has been designed (by plan or mistake) to not being easy to drive. There is no infrastructure to speak of in 80% of the land and whatever exists is creaking and bursting round the seams with congestion, pot-holes, accidents, road-rage, collapses et al. Heck, it is not even easy to walk because you see, first of all, there are no pavements for they are usually occupied by social entrepreneurs selling corn, spectacles and pakoras. Maybe that is a good thing because now there is counter-evidence that walking makes people consume more food nullifying and even negating the carbon footprint gains of not using vehicles. The things that science and statistics can do, eh? Even so, if someone were stupid enough to walk in the open street under an unforgiving 40-degree celsius sun in a smog-choked town, it will lead to lung disease and make people dark-skinned which is taboo and could result in them losing confidence and jobs and spouses. Simple negation of fairness ads. So, one could say that India is futuristic by a grand emergent unplan to not make Indians move their lazy fat sorry asses by foot nor car nor bike nor tram.

    Exhibit-B comes from “Hard Times Ahead” predicted by Dave Granlund a while ago.

    Am no conspiracist but it seems to me that India has leap-frogged (a favourite term of intellectual buggers nowadays) just about everybody to the stone age by a sustained effort to NOT having been able to get out of it. So, when everything collapses and humanity will be forced to live like barbarians in caves without sanitation, indoor plumbing, potable water, nutritous food, access to healthcare, large screen TVs, zero communication etc. Indians will take to it like piranhas to the water and thrive in the adversity. It is my suspicion that Indians have evolved a special gene to be able to live like beggars using very little resources and expectations. See bush, will crap. See slime, will drink. See garbage, will eat. Hey, Indians are one of the greenest and dirtiest people on earth. Isn’t that what everyone is trying to be nowadays. Or to be precise, what people want others to be? Plus, in the West, there are special disaster relief teams which is good business but in India, they are not needed. Blessed are all those futurists who by inaction have prepared India to deal with just about anything fate and nature can throw at it. You’ve got to admit. This is impressive doctrination at 1.4-billion peoples level.

    By hook or crook, India is ready for the future. Hum honge kaamyaab ek din. Indeed.

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