No Double Standards – Support Iran, N. Korea

11 April, 2009 at 23:47 Leave a comment

I am dumb. Can someone please tell me why is it wrong for anyone other than some ‘chosen’ countries to develop nuclear and missile capabilities? Why should not Iran go nuclear? Why should not North Korea fire rockets? Why should not India explore space? Whatever the intentions, this is doing science in its own right. Freedom to advance and develop – given our curios tendencies. Does that liberty and soveriegnity not exist anymore? It feels absurd and even, inhumane…

In fact, it is stupid at a species level that technology is not being transferred and is being re-iinvented all over. Every nation has the right to develop nuclear, rocket, space or whatever capability they want to – peaceful or violent. No one opposed the West when they were building up nukes to blast the earth several hundred times over, did they? Even if there was opposition, they obviously did not give a damn. Just as the rest of the world should not give a damn to their bickerings. I oppose these double standards. Go Iran, N. Korea and India.

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