One night of Power-cut – Plastic Tax Discussion

20 March, 2009 at 18:58 Leave a comment

I am beginning to like these power-cuts. The longer the better. Am not being sarcastic because this was what was happening in our house and I bet just about any other typical domestic arrangement – the Dad is watching news. The Mom is watching serials. The Boy is on the PC. The Girl is gossipping – when something wonderful happened which has not happened for a while.
The power got cut. Yeah yeah, that is usual I hear you say. But this was long. The inverter gave up and after 3 hours or so, the UPS and laptop went dead. It is getting pretty hot in March and so, we had to go out to the terrace – all 3 of us – and goodness gracious, forced to talk. It was like the power-cut is a kind of family bond respirator or something. Awkward. First of course, we discussed the weather. Then obviously, the state of the world. No family conversation is complete without some discussion of food. Anyhoo… the discussion veered towards plastic and I present here a summary of the panel and debate.

    We agreed on a ‘plastic tax’ at point of production and consumption. First of all, ban all plastic making factories. Or just tell them to get their act together. Work on bio-degradable alternatives based on corn. This will not work. Too much corruption and loopholes. So, this can only be done at point of consumption. Impose an extra tax. Whenever anyone is seen carrying a plastic bottle or a bag with the name of the brand, police can write a challan and send it to the company. We are talking about single-use plastics. Those polythene bags. Those ice-cream cups. Those water bottles. Those tea cups. Annoying plastic everywhere.
    We were just going to tackle the distribution part when kambakht, the power came on. So, we all agreed that there should be more power-cuts especially, during prime-time slots because 80% of people watch TV and do nothing in that time. It is a tip towards a greener planet. On that note, we went back to doing what we were doing. PC. TV. Phone. I bet you guys are doing the same too.

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