Superstition, Libertinism, Passion

24 February, 2009 at 23:29 Leave a comment

I was reading this article by some Kanchan Gupta when I realized that there was actually a word called ‘libertinism’ which means something similar to what I was till now thinking for ‘libertyism’. This clash is reason to finally load this up…

To the uninitiated, in India, sometimes, the bride is married to a donkey for some ‘dosha’ (I think even Aishwarya Rai had to comply to this ritual) and is normally tagged as superstition and looked down as ignorance. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, there was news that a woman married her cat. This has been tagged as libertinism, or is it libertarianism?. The third part is essentially what every man does with his car figuratively speaking. Men completely individualize it, call it her, treat it as a loved one. This sickness is popularly skewed as the bond between man and machine, the car chooses you et al. and is mistaken for passion. Yep! There are double and triple standards everywhere.

    Note: I am not endorsing donkey weddings – which all weddings are. Nor, against modernism – which everything is. Nor, against taking care of cars – I have one. But opinions should not be biased and stereotyped, especially by the media. Here’s hoping for better journalistic standards.

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