Slumdog Millionaire – Oscars for Faking/Deception

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It is very rare that I watch TV mostly because, my neurons get misfiring on all neuron pathways and I ramble as I am going to do now.
So, I was watching TV, strictly because I had nothing better to do. While skimming the channels, the following quip in an Indian channel caught my attention –

“… channel would like to congratulate and wish good luck to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ for getting 10 Oscar nominations …”

Why would any channel congratulate some random movie for some random nominations to some random awards ceremony? And why the heck is an Indian channel doing it? I dont know the answer to the former because I dont ‘get’ PR and marketing. I dont know the answer to the latter either but I have some comments.
To whomever it may concern, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is not an Indian movie. It is a firang movie shot on location in the slums of Mumbai. It has some Indian crew and extras. It is as simple as that. I know it is too late because the marketeers have got there first but well, it is never too late to try.
In public interest, I appeal to all desis to not be fooled into believing that it is an Indian movie. So, the fact that it has been nominated to Oscars is not to instill a sense of pride for India. Deal with it. Boo hoo.

This brings me to the second topic. What is the big deal with Oscars or any awards thingy for films, music, art etc.? Because films (and other pieces of art) are nothing but instruments for deception and faking, are we rewarding those who are cheating us? This is deep. Take a moment.
What are films? The people are fake (they are characters). The words are fake (they are scripts). The scripts are fake (they are stories). The stories are fake (they are fiction). The expressions are fake (they are acting). The action is fake. (they are stunts). The stunts are fake (they are choreographed). The choreography are fake (they are rehearsed). The clothes are fake (they are costumes). The buildings and streets are fake (they are sets). The objects are fake (they are props). Fake. Fake. Fake. So, rather than repelling cheaters, we are paying to get cheated and are watching with holded breath who are the biggest cheaters of them all? Is that what is going on? Isn’t this sick? I certainly think so. I wonder why. I wonder how.
Maybe, there is something more deeper going on which my primate brain cannot stoop to that level. And my reptilian brain cannot comprehend. Maybe it has to do with humans as a species seeking comfort in escapism or something similar to that. I dont know. Does anybody?

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