Climate Solutions and Freedom of Speech

16 February, 2009 at 23:02 1 comment

This is a potpouri post reflecting lunch-break reading, browsing and quick drawing. First there is Freidman reporting from Delhi on some climate solutions activity going on in India. Second, there is this feed from Atanu Dey on freedom of speech and expression. Third, some digging into India Climate Solutions, Indian Youth Climate Network and Whats With the Climate cited by the above Deccan Chronicle comment piece.

    First, the irony that is dripping in the Freidman story. Read it and if you cannot see the hypocrisy, please get your parrot brain checked. Its all there. An American writing about climate solutions after being given a wee brainwashed tour in a customized made-in-India plug-in electric car donated to two self-confessed crazy Americans who are living off the money and sweat of firang obsessed volunteers and media. Can’t you see? Here is an additional 1000 words…

    I say with full malice towards one and all, all Westerners should be barred from speaking about climate solutions – especially, in a 3rd world context. This includes Al Gore. Beejeesus, that guy drove an SUV till about the last couple of years and I bet his carbon footprint so far and continuing (travel, house, clothes, food) is larger than that of a small city in any poor country – so much so that I would like to see his carbon footprint as a report. Trangression aside, if you see any first-worlders even so much as thinking about speaking about climate solutions – especially, in a 3rd world context, just ask them to shut their big fat asses. They have lost all right/authority to talk about anything remotely green till they remedy things in their own countries and clean up their garbage piles on the face of the planet. Dont be escapist for climate solving should begin at home.

    This brings me to the second point. Am I announcing a figurative ‘fatwa’ on the freedom of speech and expression of Westerners? I dont think so. Allow them to talk whatever trash they want. When it is about climate solutions – especially, in a 3rd world context (with emphasis), dont heed to it. Just ask them to shut their big fat asses. Nicely. Incidentally, we need not do it for they are chopping their own feet. Proof? The Freidman article in New York Times is subscription only but fully open in Deccan Chronicle. Maybe it is locked to non-Americans just like Hulu and other media sites in the US do. So, NYT and America – those self-styled icons of liberty and free speech – are actually repressing speech. No?
    This logic has a fallacy because Friedman got paid for that article and is still alive and very well – just like the authors of many a controversial book – tis just that mere mortals do not have access to the content – which is a greater sin. In fact, I would go so far as to say that freedom of speech and expression have never been compromised anywhere in the world at any point in history – ever. People only got themselves in a soup AFTER they have spoke and expressed. Ergo, it is the rights of artists post-publication and preceded by the freedom of getting published and later public access to works and ensuing debate that have been compromised and continue to be so. It is warped but spare a few seconds. Every publishing house (including journals including the ones on ‘open access’) are extremely elitist and guilty as charged because they stifle and have safegaurds as to what gets published and who can access the content. Then of course, the radicals who are responsible for all the mayhem and publicity. The artists have always spoken and expressed freely before they were lucky enough to getting published and later on unlucky enough to be targeted by extremists.
    So, the poster boy for this hoopla (Salman Rushdie whose mundane book and worthless status got elevated by controversy) is not the real victim. But the unsuspecting public are. First with the release of the book, the deaths of innocents and then with the overwhelming amount of print devoted to all the nonsense by self-depreciating intellectuals and self-appreciating morons all over the world. Heck, even the many girlfriends of Rushdie (like Padma Lakshmi) have leeched off this totally vacuous, festering, perverse, malodorous heap of mammothian droppings. How does Rushdie live with himself with blood on his hands relegated to party conversations in the UK? Has he or those protecting him ever compensate the dead or even as much given a modicum of ink to the trampled families? Where is the coverage? Alas, no one bothers for there is a huge disparity/divide in the value of human life. Get a life y’all.

    Right. Am tired. Hence, for the third spoke in this wheel, let me leave you with a quote from the Climate Solutions people –

    “To avoid a replication of efforts (reinventing the wheel), and to convince governments, businesses and communities to take action, these success stories need to be shared widely. India is a nation open to new ideas, with a strong intelligence, deep spirituality and profound respect for the natural…”

      Say those who replicated content over 3 completely misguided, redundant and confusing websites (ever heard of a portal?) which combinedly serve no purpose whatsoever than tout that the firang co-directors are so very smart and want others (mostly, ‘monkeys who want to save fish from drowning’ types) to give money and volunteer 20hrs/week while they go about happily travelling in electric cars and a musical caravan all over the country. Hey! they are pretty clever. I would like to have a paying job like that.

      P.S: Guess the name of CEO. It is Larry Brilliant. No kidding. You couldn’t make this up.

      P.P.S: I have nothing against firangs. I know many firangs. But in the context of the 3rd world, well, you know…

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      • 1. onlyjustwords  |  17 February, 2009 at 12:00

        Hi There,
        Interesting take on a complex issue. Thanks for sharing.



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