BoP Debate-Comment-Response # 01 – Primer

14 February, 2009 at 17:58 Leave a comment

Got a response to the comment I made (strangely invisible) on the Hammond vs. Karnani debate. I posted a quick reply (again, invisible) but here is a series of more detailed ones being done by taking the choice/will/freedom/liberty to put my point-of-view/observations/cartoon-art on word/phrase/sentence/paragraph/concept basis whichever suits me and my time and mood. Be warned.

    “You argue that…”
    Am not arguing. There is no point nor any end to that. I only put forth my opinion and now, some observations. Until, I furnish proper numbers, reference scholarship and make some actionable points, I am still armchair opinionating. Maybe random debating, but definitely not arguing (which according to a Monty Python skit is ‘a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition’).

    “Truly, in this world of shades of grey it is difficult to say whether some products are unambiguously good or bad…”
    There are several exceptions to this. Some products, services and even, ideas can be unambiguously good or bad. Interesting that I tend to order ‘bad’ first before ‘good’ as a natural tendency. But yes, the jury is still out on BoP and the products/services that have been spun-off from this root.

    “There are many examples which are, although not 100% good for every intervening market agent, still very worthy of pursuing…”
    Definitely agree. Trials have to happen. The play should go on. Learn from mistakes. Mumbo jumbo. But it has to be asked. What is the tradeoff? Who is doing the cost-benefit analysis? Who is keeping count?

    “Mobile phone telephony: A favorite of mine…”
    Ah yes. We are getting somewhere. Mobile phones, eh? Seems to be everybody’s favourite and a media darling these days. Cliches aside, this deserves its own post. Coming up next.

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