Funniest Joke Ever – Supervillain Poisoned

10 February, 2009 at 23:18 Leave a comment

Am just picking up myself from the floor having spent the last 2 or 3 minutes (figuratively, of course) rolling on it laughing. I think I might have seen the funniest joke ever in my universe.

    It is from a scene from that fantasy soap-opera called ‘Heroes’. Over the last episode or so, it has been established that Petrelli Sr. (the father) is like the most powerful mutant ever with the ability to leech off powers and all that. He killed people with a simple swipe of the hand, did not hesitate to kill his son etc.
    In todays episode, he has a clash with the mother. Apparently, they were planning to blow up New York. Ha ha ha. That is not the main joke but worth an evil laugh. Peter has something to do with the blast. He he he. Nopes, not the main one still. Father says to mother that Peter has to be killed. Mother becomes sentimental. Whoop whoop whoop. Now, wait for it…
    She makes him his favourite meal which he laps up. Alas, the most powerful super-villain in the Heroes series is fatally poisoned, falls on the floor, gets paralyzed and dies. Oh man. I still cant stop myself from crying joke tears.

    Am not much of a joke-teller, as one can surmise, but this scene has to be seen to be appreciated. Of course, when somebody dies in Heroes, they dont really die. Do they? It is just like those cheesy soap-operas where a dead guy comes back with a brain transplant. Only here, things happen in an alternate time-line or someone has the ability to bring people from the dead.
    Anyhoo… what is so funny about this show is how much tom-foolery and parody goes around in the name of drama. I wonder how many people in the audience realize that they are being made jackasses left, right and center?


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