Filmy theory of Smoking

8 February, 2009 at 00:39 1 comment

There is probably several tonnes of material on the phenomenon of smoking. The usual suspects of health research, movies and documentaries, public interest messages, brochures and pamphlets, government legislation, court trials, phd theses, et al. blah blah etc. yada yada yada.
Everyone, including the smokers know that it is injurious to health and is in general annoying to people around them. But then, the world is not smoke-free. The simple theory is humans as a species as a whole, are morons. Some smoke, some drink, some shop and spend, some eat too much, some watch TV/movies, some listen to music, some marry and create kids, some have sex, some waste time, some kill, some get killed, some blog… get the drift?

    A more complex theory requires oodles of time which none has. So, just focussing on movies, and influenced by a study of tobacco/cigarette usage in movies compounded with the recent touting of upholding freedom of self-expression when courts in India lifted the ban on depicting smoking in films, here is my take…

    The theory is that no matter how things are depicted, smoking will survive and grow. That is because one can divide the world into smokers and non-smokers. Now, the smokers will not quit smoking no matter what – even, if God(s) orders/forbids so. That leaves the non-smokers, who because they are humans, will see smoking come what may, in their own light, or is it dark? – literally.

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