Americans are Oil People

7 February, 2009 at 00:50 Leave a comment

There was an interesting tidbit in a long-winding closing from ‘Boston Legal’ S03E15 episode titled ‘Fat Burner’ of USA being oil people. It goes like this (with some edits) –

And then there’s oil. We ignore all those other cleaner burning fuel alternatives for oil. And sure it’s not so efficient, it’s expensive, it pollutes the air, but it gets presidents elected! And after all this is the United States of America, we love oil! We want all the oil we can get from anywhere. We make war and kill people all over the world because of it. We’re oil people.

    What can I say? These are words by gas-guzzlers for gas-guzzlers to gas-guzzlers. Literally at that because the guy playing Alan Shore in that show, the writer, director, the producer and whoever, am sure, drive SUVs. After all, that is the American thing to do and American way of life (hmm… am smelling some material). How can they be so blatantly hypocritical? But that is beside the point, for here is something inspired by that tirade…

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