United Socialist States of America

24 January, 2009 at 12:52 Leave a comment

There was a piece by Farrukh Dondy the other day which while idiotic has some good nuggets – like any form of human art. In particular, he advises Obama to do the following –
1) Change the name of the USA to the USSA. Set up Citizens Committees in every precinct to elect their own Rambos (I think he meant Geuvaras) and turn over every enterprise to its worker’s committee.
2) Form a Special Socialist Squad from your FBI and CIA cadres, round up all the major capitalists and bankers and send them in orange jump-suits to Tora Bora.
3) Don’t give trillions away to bankers and wankers — entrusting the thieves who are plundering your house with the keys to the safe and a loaded pistol with which to shoot your guard dogs.

Apparently, this advise stems from the very brief fact, as noted from books and media, that American capitalism is doomed — but, BUT, that’s no cause for despair. You see, Marx was right. Over-developed or over-reaching capitalism is the base for the leap to socialism. Mao, Lenin and the pathetic parties of Nepal and Bengal never read their Marx. Old Karl makes it abundantly clear in everything he writes that only a developed capitalist society is ripe for a change of class control or a “dictatorship of the proletariat” as Vladimir Illych Ulyanov would have it. The tinier the proletariat the greater the “dictatorship” and the tyranny as the Soviets and China have proved. But USA dear boy, is ripe for the taking — it is the only one that fits Marx’s description.


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Obama Mania On Human Cruelty

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