Obama Speech – Vantage Points

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There are already several postings of transcripts, recordings, podcasts, releases and what not of the Barack Hussein Obama inauguration speech. Here is the ‘Greatness is Earned’ topified prepared text as provided by the inaugural committee.
As some philosopher (there are too many of them and most of them are bloggers) must have said, ‘the world is what your vantage makes it’, here is what various people must have understood/felt/taken from it and my reactions…

1) Paul Krugman, Nobel winning Economist – “I ended Tuesday less confident about the direction of economic policy than I was in the morning.”
This bugger calls himself an economist and thinks the whole hoopla is an economic crisis and that he is living in a state of high economic anxiety when even I know that it’s only a crunch for banks, the capitalists who borrow from them and others who live off usury. In short, it is a financial crisis resulted from over-reaching greed of smart-alec swindling MBAs, an unsuspecting public who got used to living on credit and Wall Street pigs who exploited the whole idiotic idea of extreme deregulation to the hilt.
Can someone remind me why Krugman got the Nobel? I think it is a sad state for the field of Economics that such hacks/quacks get nominations. But then, as many have paraphrased, ‘in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’. Of course, no one says if this one-eye works and if indeed, the man can see, what difference does it make? Think about it folks. But I digress and while am at it, I think any awards committee, if they do not get quality nominations should just scrap the prize rather than inflating some idiots just for the sake of filling in a slot.

2) India, Nehru Monarchy State – “Obama is anti-India. There was no mention of India in the speech.”
Actually there was. India was clubbed with ‘poor nations’ which it really is and no matter what Bollywood superstars who live in luxury may say otherwise (reference to Amitabh Bachan peeve of how ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ prortrayed India through dirty Mumbai). Truth hurts. Satyameva Dardithe.

3) Pakistan, Army Dictatorship State – “Obama is pro-India. Jihad to the infidel. There was no mention of Pakistan or aid/alms in the speech.”
Actually there was. Two instances. Pakistan was clubbed with ‘Muslim world’ and ‘poor nations’. No more comment since I want to live in peace.

4) Africa, Begging Bowl of Earth – “Lets party. A son of Africa has become the worlds most powerful man”.
This is not far from the truth nor false neither. I dont know what that previous sentence means nor does not mean. Anyhoo… first of all, Obama was born in Hawaii. God knows where he would be if he was born in ancestral Kenya. Maybe, a tour-guide is pretty much it. If Africans want to adopt him for the colour or genes, then too, Barack is mixed-race, not black.
More to follow…

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