Genocide in Darfur – Where is UN and Media?

20 January, 2009 at 01:14 Leave a comment

The situation in Darfur (local refugees, food famine, ethnic cleansing et al.) today has got to be one of the saddest tragedy in the current decade. Because none of the late night show hosts are joking about it, this is NOT happening for all purposes of reality. One can perhaps excuse them because research might have found out that there will be resonance with the audience. But what about regular media? I scanned the last week newspapers and there is no mention of it. Does it mean that it is over? Or does it mean, it does not have any shock value to sell column inches? Or has another turn of events taken priority? Whatever it is, I think the ground situation has not improved. Absence of evidence, does not imply evidence of absence. Here is my gut feeling on blatant abuse of human rights…

I have half a reason to believe that this spectacle is just being watched and no one is trying to intervene. If only Darfur had any oil or diamonds or just about any minerals – it would have been a far different picture that depicted above. Normally, I dont appeal to anybody for ‘Africa Fatigue’ has set in. It is a continent with problems. But it is really appalling that the international media has become fascinated by any other news than one of the cruelest atrocities of our times. What is the UN doing?

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