Exorcism for Marxism by Capitalists

19 January, 2009 at 03:01 Leave a comment

Now that the bailouts all over the world are official, and many companies are coming under government control, things have come to this…

Seriously! All I am seeing is capitalist pigs praying for state interference and ownership to cover up for their their greed and bad management. Let us hope that centralized wealth held by these individuals (golden parachutes, yearly bonuses etc.) makes its way to the state treasury and be a part of the stimulus packages.

    [edit – 20090201] Further 2-cents as comments in this post
    It is not about semantics, my dear Brutus’ but rather the reality that at the end of the ‘pass the buck’ line, capitalism is a form of socialism where the feel-good is limited to only a few people. After all, businesses need loans to grow. Loans are provided by banks. Banks manage money. Money is controlled by the state. State treasury is from people et al.
    Besides, there is a law of conservation of wealth because wealth comes from resources which like matter and energy can only change form but neither created nor destroyed. It is a zero-sum. If someone becomes rich, it is usually at the expense of someone else becoming poor.


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