Religion = Clever Business Empire

13 October, 2005 at 05:41 2 comments

Religion means different things to different people. No disputing that. But if one thinks hard about it, religion is basically a bloody brilliant intelligent business empire. And each religion is like a seperate company out to get as many customers as they can. Use propoganda to convert them and whatever. Plain simple corporatism.
If this statement does not convince the reader to be taken at face value, please be reminded that religion has a hierarchical big-brother structure. Has spin and PR and viral marketing teams. Religion even has logos and merchandize (read, symbols) for Gods (somehow this is apt) sake šŸ™‚ Frankly, the infrastructure that has been laid out centuries ago is quite impressive. And it has been all so strongly cemented that most people do not question their existence at all. Religion is a meme that has got into our conciousness and indeed our genes.

Anyway, am not implying that religion is pure evil. No corporation ever is because no matter what they do, they still provide jobs and livelihood to some people. It is converse with religion though.
All we humans seem to remember is the atrocities that religion has brought about. But we forget that religion has made it possible for billions of people throughout human history to live in some kind of a jolly fog. Best of all, religion has made acceptance of misery easier so much so that even death is a celebration! In other words, religion gives people some strange wonky reason to live. Even people who blame religion for everything bad that has happened are so obsessed with it that it is a reason in itself for them to live and sometimes, to earn their daily bread. Parasites.

Anyway, coming to the biggest achievement of religion. People have died and keep dying in the belief/faith that if they lived life by some principles, do or dont do some stuff, pay allegiance to a place of worship and divine symbols etc. they would be going to some special place. Hope is a good thing even if people are blissfully ignorant. I say religion is intelligent because it convinces almost every human that death is actually a good thing!
It is like convincing people with cancer/AIDS/[insert fatal chronic condition] that this is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Or getting to pay their taxes with a smile. No business or marketing campaign thus far has ever achieved such a thing.
Hmmm… one can include army as a corporation too that achieves such bliss I suppose. But it is a minion of religion really.

So, here is to being religious and dying happy.


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  • 1. Kitty  |  13 October, 2005 at 00:19

    Very true.


  • 2. Pranitha  |  27 December, 2005 at 20:51

    Interesting article. I agree with the points you mentioned. But, definitely sure that amma and athamma would think otherwise. It’s hard to pass this thought along to the folks that are very religious.



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