Cartoonizized – Science ‘n’ Nature

11 October, 2005 at 21:04 Leave a comment

Was watching the world cup qualifiers with some mates in a pub the other day and in one of the screens there was a music-video of Pi (the movie) playing. There is a famous line from that movie –

1. Mathematics is the language of nature
2. Everything around us can be represented and understood via numbers
3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge.
Therefore: There are (mathematical) patterns everywhere in nature

More than the verbatim quote, what always fascinated me was that we are actually surrounded by science and technology and use them in making almost every decision. Legend goes that a human today comes in contact with more than 31 microprocessors in a day. And our mating, eating and friendship choices are also very mathematical, chemical, sociological and political.
Anyway, science weaves its magic everywhere which reminded me of something I scribbled ages ago. Of showing how we humans and indeed most animals do implicit calculations of math, physics, chemistry, weigh choices, solve problems etc. More recently, a CBS TV show, Numb3rs builds on the same.

For example, a footballer trying to take a free-kick. Or throwing a dart. Or hitting a snooker ball. Or calculating the hip size of a woman for mating. Or a cheetah timing its bursty run. Or a frog timing its flip of the toungue. Or a hummingbird calculating the refraction angles when going for a fish. Or deciding how much salt to add to get the right taste. Or a lion thinking of demand-supply economics when deciding to hump. You get the hint. We can do a whole series on this too.


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