SIE Freshers Fair Idea

9 August, 2005 at 06:17 Leave a comment

We are trying to come up with a marketing plan to recruit some freshers into the society. Let us see… While we are on the topic of marketing –
Who are the target population we wish to attract?
Not all students are enterprising (atleast at 18 years). But there are always some who are. And if we look carefully at this species, we will always find that this specimen is competitive, smart (arguable), attention seeking etc. Nothing wrong with that.
I think a spirit of competitiveness is what is required. And this should be fun as well. Tell them subtly that this is what SIE is all about.
Something like a caption completion is creative, fun and competitive.

We should also put people in the spotlight while it is identifiable. Hmmm… an awards ceremony of sorts could do (with free food of course). Give them a taste of fame. With this as a vehicle, we could now entice them all together in a room and have them for a hour or two. Heckling in Freshers Fair is a bad idea since there is a lot of noise out there. We should distinguish ourselves.

“Wanna be popular?” – that could be a cheesy punchline. We could promise to put their photos or caption in the next newsletter. And we could make some posters leading people to our stall. “To be famous and popular, follow this path”. There should always be a profit motive. That goes without saying. This need not be money. But it will help.
Heck, if we have the time and in the mood for fun, we can make some photoshoots and posters ourselves.

Have to post it to all and get a team since I am decapacitated to work on ideas alone. I can only work in teams (or rather, make teams work). Let us see how things go on.

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