Peace/Hope Symbols Street Theatre Sketch for Edinburgh Fringe 2005

1 August, 2005 at 15:15 Leave a comment

This email is a pitch to take forward a street-theatre kind of idea to the Fringe in Edinburgh this year. So, if this is something that you have absolutely no interest in, please accept my apologies and carry on with your activities. Oh, and I hope you are doing well.

Right. The idea is to do a silent street-theatre in the Fringe where we just go as a group dressing up as peace/hope symbols (like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Doves, Planet Earth) and just stand. Yes, just stand. No acting. No talking. Just stand.Let others watch us. Let the symbolism sink in.
An offshoot to this (on different days) could be that instead of standing still and in peace, the peace/hope symbols quabble. I will not insult your intelligence by telling my take on this. Yet another alternative could be for one of us to ask passer-by’s how many peace symbols they can identify and record this in film or for a study.
I hope this is lucid enough. A very warm hello to everyone in my addressbook with an artistic/activistic bent of mind. And to who have been critical or helpful to me in the past.

Your Participation Solicited:
I know that this is quite late and all that but I think we can pull it off if some of you feel as strongly as I feel about… err… am no beauty queen but… for lack of a better phrase, _world peace_. Atleast we can give it a shot. A chance to succeed or to fail given that this will be my last year. I really am in need of help from any quarter starting with some replies as to what you think and if you are interested to join up, forward this to others who might be interested, people to actually dress up as peace/hope symbols, stage managers to get the props, any advise on how to actually put a street-theatre thing up and running during the Fringe (I guess we should get some permissions or spots or something) and whatever you may feel like it. Just about anything is appreciated.
I guess most of you are on vacation and some of you have even graduated (congrats for that) but please try to help poor me out as much or as little as you can.

P.S: Please do not be alarmed in seeing me running around roughly cut bald and round glasses. Am in character of Gandhi 😉

P.P.S: The idea stemmed from the fact that I’ve been to Israel and a bit disenchanted with the violence and unrest there. Even the London things maybe. Anyway, if you happened to send me any messages or emails, please do resend. My phone will be re-alive from tomorrow and the email address is the same


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