Live8 – Some Quotes by Stars

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“There isn’t a plan B. Plan B is that we continue to let them die … every night live on television. Mahatma Gandhi freed a continent, Martin Luther King freed a people, Nelson Mandela freed a country. It does work. They will listen.” — Bob Geldof. Musician and Live 8 organizer

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice. It is a protection of a fundamental human right. I say to all those leaders, do not look the other way. Do not hesitate. We ask our leaders to demonstrate commitment, not engage in hollow promises. It is within your power to avoid a genocide of humanity.” — Nelson Mandela. Former South African president

“The rock stars and the hip hop stars can’t change anything, but our audience really can. We’re not asking you to put your hand in your pockets, but we are asking people to put their fists in the air. We’re not looking for charity, we’re looking for justice.” — Bono. U2’s lead singer and activist

“With all that we have in the world, we can fix what is happening in Africa, we can save lives, we can turn it around.” — Angelina Jolie. Actress

“We cannot forget that right now a child in Africa dies every three seconds. We are calling on the eight most powerful leaders to end this tragedy with the stroke of a pen.” — Will Smith. Actor

“The generosity we are asking for can save millions of lives. Some day in the future all people, no matter where they are born, will be able to lead a healthy life. We can do this, and when we do, it will be the best thing that humanity has ever done.” — Bill Gates. Microsoft founder

“I hope we make a difference. That’s why I’m here.” — Bryan Adams. Singer

“I look at the news, I see people starving, I am crying. I’m a total mess. It seems to me that the politicians of the rich countries are like VIP’s, that they are untouchable and the rest of the public of their own countries and all the other countries in the world are like the other chunk that don’t have a voice. People are willing to go out of their way, because we believe passionately in what this is about. Just the acknowledgment of the problem is an important step.” — Bjork. Singer


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