Google Desktop as LAN Search

27 June, 2005 at 11:05 Leave a comment

[from a message on Google Groups by Ewan]

Decided to play with GoogleDesktop at the weekend and managed to put together a fully working app to act as a search engine for our LAN.

Heres how I did it:
1) As its already been talked about GD can index mapped drives with a little push. So I mapped all the network shares on our LAN and used “ReIndex-UPDATE-1.0.exe” avaliable from reindex to touch the drives.
This fully indexed all the shares on the network so thats the backend sorted. I also set up scheduling for “ReIndex-UPDATE-1.0.exe” so that it would stay up-to-date.

2) Secondly I tried using DNKA to share the search accross the LAN. This worked correctly however, the links to each file was through GD’s ‘redir’ program. This meant that if machine B was searching using machine A (where GD is running) and wanted a file from machine C then it would have to go B => A => C which adds a load to the network. So I wanted it to go B => C.

3) I installed Perl and Apache and wrote up an app to act as a fully functional front end to the GD. The code is available from here with the main feature of this code apart from displaying the SERs in a Google format was to change the URL’s so that GD’s ‘redir’ was not used.


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