On Teamwork Motivation

25 June, 2005 at 19:45 Leave a comment

I theorize that getting personally motivated is an easier thing than to get motivated in a team. For a cause. For a vision. And that these are mutually exclusive personality traits.

Because when it comes to us, we just have to be selfish (and this is easy as per Dawkins). But when it is for a greater cause, we have to sacrifice. We always have to whether we want to or not. Because that becomes necessary (for the project) or is forced upon us (by management). Both (the sacrifice and the coercion) are naturally hard because our biology does not allow it.
So, a good team-player is usually always someone who has no personal motivation, no initiative, are nice, are timid and who just follow the crowd. You can easily mark them out in the mob because they are the ones who buy a product because a celebrity endorsed it or because they saw it in a magazine. Or because they are the screamers and the loud clappers in a concert.
Such people seldom make a difference to the value-chain. But only to the bottom-line. Dont get me wrong. Dont think I am being derogatory. These people are the ones fuelling our economy. Our celebrities. Our TV shows. They have immense clout. It is just that academics think They are uninteresting people to study. In fact, I think they are the only ones to study to unwind the complexity that is society. Plus, if you have to make a product, they are the demographic one should always target. Simple business acumen.
All the others (the geniuses, the leaders, the good managers, the criminals) are eccentrics. They defy the norm. And yet these are the people we are obsessed with. It makes no sense. Because no one can understand them. Heck, they dont know themselves. Understanding is a bad word here. I should have said “predict” because that is all we can ever do. Predict behaviours. No one can understand another person no matter how hard one tries. That is why we have relationships. And spats. And marriages. And divorces.

So, what am I talking about? I have no idea. So, lets leave it at that.
Yes, as one might gather, I tend to think that one can explain all the infinite manifestations of human complexity we see today using simple math and biology. You gathered right. I tend to over-generalize and over-simplify. After all, they are the languages of nature and the only means one has to survive this chaos πŸ™‚


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